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In The Beginning... Timeless words announce SWEET CRYSTAL's return to the national music scene with the most important release of their award-winning careers.

Still Standing...

finds this Michigan based trio of rockers not only standing firm in their beliefs, but marching forward with songs that are timeless in their message and powerful in their delivery.


Heartfelt vocals - guitar-laden hooks - a wall of synths and samplers - electronic rhythms powered by dynamic drumming - the musical signatures of a band that has bridged decades with a drive and desire to deliver the Word and the music that has served as its own inspiration from the beginning.

The line up that has stood strong and dedicated for over 30 years, SWEET CRYSTAL takes the experiences gained from opening up for such rock legends as Bob Seger, Nazareth, Foghat and Steppenwolf and combine it with the wizardry of 21st century digital music production techniques to produce an experience that reaches out to fans and new listeners alike. 

SWEET CRYSTAL and the release of Still Standing... 

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"Standing Tall & Proud...As Usual!" 
-- Henry  W.,  Tennessee

It is much anticipated by those who love you!" 
-- Debbie M.,  Washington, DC

"Every time I listen, I hear something more.  Love the energy in 'Stand Up and Shout,'  love 'When I Think Of You,' love 'Soldiers of the Crown,' actually I love them all." 
-- Barb J.,  Arizona

"Yeehah!!!!  I have POWERful-N- GLORY-ous goose bumps!" 
-- Panda man, Ohio

"How Exciting!!! Still Standing Indeed - Your loyal fans eagerly await...Love and every wish for success - but just sharing you gift of music with those who love you - is a success." 
-- M. Delaware,  Maine

Experience SWEET CRYSTAL's 'Still Standing... '
their debut release 'Power-N-Glory,' or 3 songs from the upcoming CD "3"

Complete CDs can be purchased from CDBaby.com or downloaded from Tunes Music Store.

For this CD... Sweet Crystal: Still Standing http://cdbaby.com/cd/sweet crystal

For this CD... Sweet Crystal: Power-N-Glory:Resurrected Masters http://cdbaby.com/cd/sweetcrystal2

For this CD... Sweet Crystal: 3 From 3 http://cdbaby.com/cd/sweetcrystal3

email: sweetcrystal@nightcriermusic.com

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"This Way Forever" Video!


Marq Speck: Lead vocals, keyboards, bass programming
Bill Blatter: Electric and acoustic guitars, vocals 
Steve Wieser: Electronic and acoustic drums 

2011 Nightcrier Music, Incorporated