Got Your Six: "Got Your Six" CD
  • Got Your Six: "Got Your Six" CD
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Taken from previous Sweet Crystal releases, this six song sampler gives you the Story of Glory as seen and sung through the musicians of Sweet Crystal. The music, the message, the mission, the ministry: whatever we are going through always remember that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit has all of our backs today and into eternity. Need help in your walk? No worries - Sweet Crystal has your six. Marq Andrew Speck - lead vocals and anything with keys. Bill Blatter - vocals, anything with strings, Steve Wieser - anything hit with sticks. Special thanks to Chuck Alkazian (Pearl Sound Studios), Scott Hull (MasterDisk); Gail Engling, Kathy Oyster, Ron Ellman and all our family, friends and Sweeties.

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